Premium Sponsor

Premium Sponsor

(3 available)

Your Sponsorship includes

  • your choice of location of a 4 metre x 3 metre sales stand including a
complimentary covered table with an option to a maximum of two extra lineal metres;
  • a 2 minute presentation to all Conference attendees in the main plenary room;
  • 2 Breakout Room Presentations;
  • recognition as a Premium Sponsor in all Conference materials;
  • one complimentary insert for inclusion in Delegate bags.

The inserts must be provided by you, one week prior to the Conference;
 three exhibition staff registrations and two complimentary Full Conference

Registrations or, five exhibition staff registrations; and

  • a list of all Conference attendees including the Name, School and Position (subject to the privacy policy as requested by the attendees during registration)

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