2017 Sponsorship

2017 Call for Sponsorship

Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th October, 2017

Rendezvous Hotel, Perth 148 The Esplanade, Scarborough, Western Australia


What is the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference?

The ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference is presented in Western Australia every year by edu-IT. The focus of the Conference is the use and support of ICT in the classroom.

It is also the perfect opportunity for your company to come together with many members of the education community in WA.

With the tumultuous year that was 2016 behind us, we’re now preparing for an exciting future. Edu-IT will once again host ‘ICT by the Sea’ from Tuesday 3rd October 2017,
at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

We will bring together the major players in the IT industry with staff from Schools around the State. The overall theme of this years’ Conference is ‘Sustainability in Challenging Times’.

We’ll focus on how Schools, IT Departments and Teachers examine the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of everything they do. We will also investigate how we can deliver better technology within the contraints of an economy with real challenges.

The 2017 Conference will commence at 10.00am on Tuesday 3rd October and conclude at 2.30pm Thursday 5th October.

Some of the highlights of the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference are:

  • Keynote presentations from industry leaders and internationally recognised experts in the field;
  • Breakout sessions for teachers featuring great classroom teachers sharing their tips, tricks and techniques;
  • Presentations by vendors on the use and support of ICT;
  • Case studies about innovations in ICT presented by Schools innovating their way to success;
  • and
 Discussion forums on hot topics for school leaders.

We’ll again be hosting:

  • High level technical sessions concurrent with the Conference; and
  • TeachMeet and the ICT Managers Meetings.

What Sponsorships are on Offer?

Click below to see more on each Sponsorship Package:

  •  Your choice of location of a 6 metre x 3 metre sales stand including two complimentary covered tables with the ability to split into 
two 3 metre x 3 metre displays;
  •  A 5 minute presentation to all Conference attendees in the main plenary room;
  •  1 Presentation per day = 3 breakout sessions


  •  Your choice of location of a 4 metre x 3 metre sales stand including a
 complimentary covered table with an option to a maximum of two extra lineal metres;
  •  A 2 minute presentation to all Conference attendees in the main plenary room;
  •  2 Breakout Room Presentations


  •  A 3 metre x 3 metre sales stand including a complimentary covered table with an option to a maximum of three extra lineal metres;
  •  Recognition as a Sponsor in all Conference materials


What Other Opportunities are available?

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship

You can nominate a speaker and sponsor their appearance cost; Your Sponsorship includes:

  • your logo in all Conference materials;
  • your logo on screen during the keynote session in the Main Plenary Room; and
  • your company display in the exhibition area.

Breakout Room Presentation $800

It has always been the custom that attendees prefer presentations containing generic information rather than a sales pitch.

Networking and Drinks $5,000

Networking and Drinks is a great opportunity to promote your company.
 You’ll open the event with a short address to attendees, along with advertising your patronage in the Conference Guide. Your company logo will also be included on all signage related to the event.

Sponsor the Coffee Stand $3,000

The Coffee Stand is always very successful. As you can imagine the line for coffees 
is always substantial. I’m sure it’d be great to to have that line right next to your display.

Bag Inserts $500

If you’d like to be a sponsor and would like a bag insert , we have a limited number available. (3 available)

What we’d like in the bag insert package is:

  • a maximum of 5 colated, stapled A4 pages per insert will be accepted; and
  • the inserts must be delivered for insertion two weeks prior to the Conference


Sponsorship Conditions

  • The listed Sponsorship packages are open to negotiation. We support alternate sponsorship arrangements. If you’d like to co-partner at any Sponsorship
level just contact us to discuss;
  • In order to secure your Sponsorship, simply complete and return the
 Sponsorship Request Form (page 7 of this document): once received, a Tax Invoice will be issued on or after 1st July, 2017 for the appropriate amount.
 Payment must be received within 14 days from the date of the invoice;
  • Accommodation is not part of the package. Sponsors attending the
’ICT by the Sea’ Conference must make their own accommodation arrangements;
  • Presentation information must be received by edu-IT by Friday 1st September, 2017. Failure to submit your submission by the 1st September means you relinquish
 your presentation spot.
  • The Staff attendees form must be completed and returned to edu-IT no later than Friday 22nd September, 2017; and
 any prizes awarded by you will be presented and the end of Day 3.

Contact Us

If you’d like to discuss other Sponsorship opportunities or just have general questions, please contact us on:

  • Darryl – 0411640788 or darryl@edu-it.com.au
  • Pat – 0428231203 or pat@edu-it.com.au

Payment Options

If you’re not Co-Sponsoring and your Sponsorship Request Form is completed and returned to edu-IT on or before Friday 14th July, 2017, you have the ability to spread your payment over 2 invoices.
 Full payment will be required 14 days from date of invoice for Sponsorship Request forms received after 14th July, 2017.

Two Tax Invoices (each 50% of the Grand Total) will be issued for the two payment option:

  • with the first payable on or before Friday 28th July, 2017; and
  • the remaining Tax Invoice will be issued Friday 18th August and payable by Friday 1st September 2017.