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Managing Compliance and Risk Risk and compliance are two words common in business parlance.  We need to put them into context in a school environment. Identifying and managing risk can be a major issue for organisations of all sizes.  What responsibilities do schools have to perform those tasks within the IT area?  Compliance with Government Legislation is difficult when the school is using paper based systems, how do we handle those requirements when all records become digital?
STEM / STEAM or Coders / Maker movements The move to incorporate digital creativity within curriculum is now being seen as being valuable. How quickly will the Maker and Coder movements influence the design of new curriculum?  Will these movements wither on the vine or be the source of real innovation within education?
The Move to the Cloud The ‘Cloud’ was the hot topic of 2005 and has now moved from leading edge to mainstream.  Schools are fairly slow in moving services and servers to the Cloud and there are many reasons for that. With the number of software packages being delivered as a service, the next stage will be moving the entire Data Centre to the Cloud. Some schools have adopted with open arms but the take up compared with Virtualisation and other earlier technologies seems more reserved.
Teacher Development and Measurement The need for continual PD increases when the digital world causes constant change. The era when teachers could use the same set of resources for many years seems to have passed.  Should schools be delivering technology PD to teachers and if they do can they measure the effectiveness of this PD and the teachers use of technology?
The Classroom of the Future and the Internet of Things Some technology is only just emerging.  Our classrooms will soon be expected to accommodate some of these emerging technologies. From Google glasses to VR headsets, from Apple watches to Fitbits, technology is becoming even more personal and teachers will soon want to use them for learning.  How can we support them?   Should we be asking more questions to ensure we’re not playing with the latest ‘toy’?
Data Analytics in Education Change is coming in educational analytics as governments start looking at the large scale use of machine learning. When the head of ACARA announces the use of Machine Learning to assess the English segment of NAPLAN on line we are now facing the greatest change in the use of Computers in education ever.  Combining Machine Learning and Data Analytics can change the classroom in unprecedented ways.
The Future of e-books and Other Digital Resources The days of e-Books simply being a flat scan of the published book have passed. What will the next generation of publications look like and how will they improve the classroom outcomes?
Curriculum Change Planning All change should have a process built around it to ensure there are appropriate mechanisms to control the change and ensure improvement. Do you have the methods adopted from industry for change management?  These should be in place to ensure curriculum change is sustainable and offering improvements to either classroom productivity or student outcomes.