‘ICT by the Sea’

Here’s a bit of history about the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference.

In 2009 the Western Australian ICT Managers group decided it was time to stop travelling to conferences in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney to look at supporting ICT in Schools.

There were many Schools in Perth and within WA who were already at the leading edge of ICT innovation. Schools also have access to great companies here in WA assisting with innovating and leading change in technology. Why go to the eastern states when they were already supporting us here?

Uniting together and enabling the sharing of great ideas and innovations has been the motivation behindthe‘ICT by the Sea’Conference. It’s inspiring to be in the presence of those standout schools already leading change.

Adding a new dimension to the Conference in 2013 was the inclusion of content for teachers. Western Australia has outstanding educators, many of whom come to Scarborough to share classroompractice. Their innovative use of technology has been the source of great outcomes for students and they share those practices with you.

Companies innovating in the areas of classroom delivery, school leadership and entrepreneurship principles have been here spreading the word on how to successfully implement change and innovation.


Who is the target audience for the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference?

The Conference is open to staff from Australian Independent, Catholic Education and Government Schools. It is the inclusivity and networking shared across the three sectors that sets the ‘ICT by the Sea’ Conference apart.

The Conference is targeted at teachers using IT in the classroom and technical support specialists in schools, with content targeted at ICT Directors, ICT Managers, and all levels of ICT Technical Support Staff, School Leaders and Teachers.


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