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edu-IT capabilities and offerings

Yes! We Can Assist With Curriculum Implementations

All of our Specialists have strong technical an curriculum focused backgrounds.  Using our experience, we will assist teaching staff in developing resources needed to deliver the Digital Technologies curriculum. Our experience with all aspects of technology and concentration on curriculum enables us to work with your teaching staff to build their skills. When you need PD delivered to staff, we have the knowledge of the local industry to ensure you can access the best resources available.

Where am I now?
Where do I want to go?
How do I get there?
What If I want a Bit of Everything?

Helping you to move forward with ICT in your School with a three-step process!

With vast experience of managing ICT in and for schools we are offering the capabilities of our consultants to work with you to provide services to aid in the planning, purchasing, deployment, and management of ICT in your environment.

The time to consult with all levels of the community about the needs, wants and concerns about technology can be a burden. We can manage that process through discussions with your community of senior management, educational leadership, teachers, parents and students.

We can also provide vendor relationship management to ensure the schools interests and needs are met by your integration partners. We have a database of quality vendors and suppliers focussed on delivering technology solutions: including hardware, software and professional development to schools. We can partner with you in developing specifications for equipment to meet your educational needs whilst supporting your strategic and operational plans.

edu-IT will continue to remain independent of vendors and we commit to taking no commission for those suppliers and vendors we recommend for projects. It is our aim to be truly independent of other influences working for the schools benefit towards best practice technology implementations crafted to suit the vision of each school.

Our engagement with you will be of a scale which best suits your needs and will focus on optimum results with well controlled, reasonable costs. There are three main focus areas we recommend for our engagement with your school.

Where am I now?

Any planning for the future needs to start with a good understanding of your current capabilities, capacity and configuration. We offer services to assist in gaining this understanding to a depth appropriate to the School’s needs and provide a foundation for you to make further decisions.

Technical Assessments

A short engagement looking at the technical capabilities of your infrastructure highlighting any current shortcomings. This level of investigation will not drill down deeply into configurations but look at equipment capabilities and capacity (configured or not).

Technical Audits

A more significant engagement using advanced technical tools to conduct a detailed best practice audit of the current state of servers, Active Directory, network or any other part of your ICT Infrastructure. These detailed engagements will provide comprehensive reports for determining potential issues with configurations and capacity.

Where do I want to go?

Once you have a good understanding of your current state of play with technology, it’s time to determine goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We will work with the entire community if required, to determine the best pathway for achieving successful technology integration into your school.

Strategic and Operational consultation

A less formal engagement with the leadership of your school to be able to provide strategic or operational guidance on ICT issues important to your School. We will customise the level of this engagement to ensure your defined outcomes are specified and then meet those objectives for your school.

Strategic plan development

The most critical stages of deploying new technologies are building the basis for:

  • why the technology will be deployed;
  • what are the indicators of success for the technology; and
  • how this fits within the overall philosophy of the school?

Our experience with developing those plans for schools of all sizes will be available to you in order to create a strategic vision / plan for technology in your school.

Operational plan

The day to day integration of technology into the classroom is one of the great challenges faced by schools. The purchase and provision of technology into any learning environment should be carefully planned and well thought out. With the combined experience of our team of consultants we can provide insight from our experience with both the successes of technology and the failures / challenges to ensure your implementation goes right.

How do I get there?

Project Management

The next step is to move towards your goals once you have your strategic or operational plan. ,. With our widespread experience in managing projects of all sizes, we will provide the expertise to ensure goals are met and disruption minimised as those plans are implemented. We will work as your advocate and partner to ensure your expectations are understood and being met.

Vendor Relationship Management

There are significant numbers of vendors with a strong focus on selling into the education sector. We have long term relationships with a significant number of those vendors. We will assist in ensuring the companies you deal with are a good fit, work towards best possible pricing and can deliver your technology needs.

Other Services

Skills Management

What ICT skills do your staff need? There are many skills now required to not only deliver curriculum but also carry out administrative duties, raise documentation and communicating; in fact a large portion of the duties of all staff are based on their use of ICT. We will create skills matrices and carry out ICT skills audits prior to the creation of training plans to ensure your staff can work efficiently and effectively with the ICT systems they currently work on.

ICT Risk Management

The understanding of the risks associated with technology within schools is complex and challenging. It is also constantly changing, with legislated requirements such as privacy and security being recalibrated to meet evolving threats and societal values. We can provide significant managerial experience to verify the risk exposure of your school and recommend remediation options to reduce risk.

New Build Management

Schools of all sizes go through a capital build process, either in new stage facilities or refurbishing existing buildings for aesthetics or function. Representing the schools desires at these times means working with architects, electrical engineers and designers to ensure the new building is contemporary and upgradable, but also sensitive and relevant to the context of the existing school. We will be that liaison between you and your builder to ensure that someone who knows the school is at the table.

But I Want a Bit of Everything!
(or even most things!)

Contract ICT Manager

We can do this to. If you need the full services of a dedicated ICT Manager but don’t need or want a full-time employee, we can contract those services. If you want someone, from 3 days a term up to 2 days a week looking after these services for your school we can provide that service. One of the experienced team will take care of the entire suite of ICT services for your school. We know schools, have worked in and with schools for many years. Looking after your ICT will be a priority for our consultant. The contract will provide a dedicated consultant and point of contact for the year.

If you are a country school with the need for these services, talk to us. We’ll work the arrangements to suit your school around the state and ensure everyone is receiving the best outcomes from their huge investment in ICT resources.